Thursday, June 9, 2011

Webinar: Because Digital Writing Matters

Just as I'm urging my students to find ways to reach out and connect with others who are dealing with writing and literature online, I got an email from Classroom 2.0 announcing this event, a webinar with Troy Hicks, author of Because Digital Writing Matters.
I'm hoping many of my students will be able to attend: 
  • for the content (which is right in line with our course on Writing about Literature in the Digital Age); 
  • for the chance to mingle online with other students and teachers who are likely to attend (for networking purposes); and 
  • for experiencing the webinar format so that they will consider sharing their own content through such a means.

I told my students yesterday about LearnCentral's educator network and how they make it possible for people to organize, for free, their own webinars. Would they like to host a webinar featuring the content of our eBook? I think that would serve as a wonderful wrap-up event for our class and a great way to launch our free eBook. Marketing team, how about it?

Anyway, if we participate in the upcoming webinar on digital writing it will help us several ways at once.

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