Former Student Blogs

Here is an index to blogs by various students. These are very useful to draw upon for design ideas, content, and for ideas about different sorts of blog posts. They are organized by class, with the most recent on top.

Writing Literary Inquiry(English 295, BYU, Spring 2010)

Ben Miller
Ben Miller, "It's Really Something"
Ben's blog helped him get an internship at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History where he helped manage their blog and Twitter campaigns. He also wrote posts for the blog. Since returning, he's used his experience in new media to land two different jobs, he reported to me.

Katherine Hales
Katherine Hales, "Katherine Writes"
As Katherine explains, after starting her blog in English 295 on the topic of the sublime as found in Romantic and Gothic literature, she went on to connect this topic of the sublime to a field study that she did in South Africa on the topic of eco-tourism. Her blog has given continuity to her diverse experiences as an undergraduate. Katherine's observations on Romantic literature (and her comparison to modern digital culture) were so interesting that I assigned her blog as required reading in a History of Civilization class. (I loved how another student, Bri Zabriskie, then responded to Katherine's analysis in her own blog post.)

Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris, "Literally a Literature Blog, Figuratively Speaking"
Andrew went on to create a cooking blog, "Cooking from Chaos," but (as of April 2011) he is now involved in a sibling blog called "Marinade: Thoughts on Food from Four Saucy Siblings."

Audrey Blake

Audrey Blake, "Sitting in Her English Garden"
Audrey caught the blogging and self-directed learning bug and used this format (though not required to) in my Early British Literature course in Winter, 2011: "The Medieval to the Pre-Romantic." Audrey's personality really comes out in another blog she's made, "très audrèy." Audrey has actively kept up her Twitter account, too.

Becca Hay
Becca Hay, "The Best Things in Life Aren't Hard to Find"
In addition to finding that an experts was interested in her blog well after the course was over, Becca found that the topic on gender and Shakespeare that she started there could lead to presenting at a conference in another state. She also has used blogging in another course (LDS Literature). See her "The Book of Mormon: To All Nations Everywhere."