Monday, June 13, 2011

eBook galleys and finalizing for our webinar

What a weekend!

I was burning the midnight oil in order to complete my chapter for Writing about Literature in the Digital Age. Found an awesome illustration project on Moby Dick with great images I'd love to draw from for my chapter. Hours after sending the request to use his Moby Dick illustration, Matt Kish gave enthusiastic permission. Cool!

The editing and design teams worked pretty much through the weekend doing copyediting and formatting each chapter into inDesign.

Design team Ben Wagner, Annie Ostler, and Sam McGrath

What's left? Today's class agenda:

  • Crowdsourced / group edit of eBook galley proofs (editing team, design team)
  • Finalize marketing list on wiki for eBook and webinar (all)
  • Write category-specific email invitations for eBook/webinar (marketing team)
  • Presentation from publishing/distribution team on how and where our epub will go out
  • Finalize archival copy of eBook for BYU's ScholarsArchive (publishing/distribution team)
  • Prepare for Wednesday's webinar on Classroom 2.0, including how to participate, media to submit to presentation team, and how to advertise to invitees and social graph (Taylor Gilbert), 
  • Final two blog posts
    • Narrative of eBook collaborative work (what did your team do, what tools did you use, how did this coordinate with the overall effort, what went well or could go better?)
    • How did you / we meet the stated learning outcomes for the course?

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