Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Notes for Webinar: Literature and Digital Culture

Our webinar on the topic of "Literature and Digital Culture" was a great success. We had 65 people attending, with another 40 requesting the webinar recording (Here is the recording link. Also, see this post about the webinar for more info).

The student presenters did wonderfully, and I invite you to see how they did in the recording. In addition to the webinar itself, there are multiple versions of our content that you can experience:
  • See a one-sentence version of each student's project next to his or her picture on this Prezi presentation.
  • Each student recorded a 90-second "trailer" video of their research in a YouTube playlist (embedded below, a total of 25 minutes). Some real creativity here, so enjoy!
  • Visit the list of student blogs and feel to browse these. Notice the link to each student's research paper (about which they presented briefly in the webinar). 


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