Friday, May 27, 2011

eBook Discussion Notes / Research Assignment

A big thanks to Ashley Nelson for taking minutes of our class discussion today. She kept track of things on a Google Doc and then shared this with me. I'm pasting it in here for the sake of those who were absent, and I'd like to call special attention to the bottom portion where it lists the various research tasks we decided we would do before Wednesday, June 1st when we meet next. If you did not get an assignment or forgot yours, take one of the items on that list, research about eBooks, and report your findings on your blog.

English 295 E-Book
(to incorporate the wide topics, must find one commonality)

Our E-Book Audiences
  • Our friends
  • non-English Majors
  • People who would appreciate an LDS perspective
  • Teachers/Educators for literature and writing
  • Future students of English 295
  • People interested in individual texts in educational technology
  • Goodreads
  • BYU community--Daily Universe (article/news story)

E-Book Topics
(Link to The Digital Writer on brainstorming ideas)

Reading Literature in the Digital Age-the various ways that we consume literature via audio books, comics, visual arts, or a poem in response to something that has been read. All this information and our experience combined into an article about the consumption of literature in the digital age.

Researching Literature in the Digital Age-Creating narratives that function as sort of how to’s for literary research. Wiki.

Visual and Literature- Audio, visual arts. Can be incorporated with Reading Literature.

LDS Perspective on Literature- rethinking reader response?

Format and Method
PDF and HTML is in our reach. (Al Gore Not)
(links, videos, embedding should be kept to a minimum)
How long should our e-book be? How long are e-books?
(20-100 pages)

General Manager (helping getting all the project leaders together)
Project leader for each section
Editor (General Editor, Copy Editor)
Content Providers (ALL!!!)

For Wednesday- Becoming an Expect in These Subjects
What is an E-book?
Guides for writing E-book- Work involved
E-pub, kindle
What’s My Angle?
Audience, Literary Content, Length,

Where are they found?
How e-books are consumed
Communities that discuss e-books, clubs
Genre of e-books? (Librarian circles, buying, selling, checking out e-books, popular)
Uses of e-books in education (e-text book, education technology)
Uses of electronic texts at BYU, are they using them?
Scholarly literature about e-books
Conversion tools and how these tools create e-books


  1. Dr. Burton,

    It has been impressive to follow a bit the work that you and your class have done this semester. Their blogs are tightly designed, and their content increasingly aligned between blogging's informality and academia's formality. I've been reading The Digital Writer too, using it as dialectical criteria considering my own blog's content. Lots of great ideas have been expressed that have been useful.
    Your classes have focused mainly on blog content within the consume, connect and create model, and I'm not sure that this link will be useful in that regard (, but I've experimented some blogging strategies and theories and thought I'd provide a link lest anything useful be drawn.


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