Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adopting the "New Media Mind"

This 30-second video is my introduction to digital literacy. My belief is that we must learn not just a skill set, but a mind set for the digital age. That mind set is based on three core principles:

  1. Consume
    In a world of too much information and media overload, how do we meaningfully find, filter, search, and otherwise control the deluge of input?
  2. Create
    How doe we establish a meaningful online presence, regularly produce content worth sharing, create opportunities for ourselves and value for our communities?
  3. Connect
    How can we interact productively with others, collaborate meaningfully, and take advantage of group dynamics?
I will keep returning to these concepts, and in this blog, relating them to literary studies and writing online. Do you have the "new media mind"?
  1. Do you consume media intelligently? 
  2. Do you create and share content? 
  3. Do you connect with worthwhile projects and meaningful people through the new communication tools?  

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